About Us

VKM Textile mills pillared in 1985, expanded its prowess for three decades straight without a blemish. Established backward and forward linkages give VKM Textile industry competitive advantages. VKM group, winner of numerous accolades undergoes modernization through new technologies, keeping alive the rich textile heritage and also building on the brand image. Untethered availability of raw materials serves the company to be accorded with a priority status for a myriad of associates and buyers. VKM group is known for perfection in delivering divergent requisites placed repeatedly by customers. Weaving, knitting and felting are the methods that yield textile, VKM follows the method of sustainability to charm it’s ever-growing consumer base. Apart from high-tech machines, generously efficient employees here work with impressive delicacy and skill.

1985 start company


Hailing from a service background, Mr. Krishankant Gupta, Started a Textile Trading Company in 1985, This Strong Pillars of this Partnership was laid in the Family itself, with the Gupta Bros, And thus Heera Textile & Shri Krishna Silk Mills came into Existence.


The Company now after providing decades of excellent service, Started a Textile Industry by the name of Veekayem, Innovation and incorporating with the latest need of the market, was the core aim of the company, hence they started this with weaving unit adding automatization & weaving with rapier technology.


Now Expansion & Growth were the routing goal sets for the business, thus they kept soaring high , with new Technologies & Techniques, Hence they moved from rapier technology to Sulzer Projectile – in 1991, which was a Booster and Enhancer to increasing the business capacity to 3 Lac Meters per month, The company also entered the Export Market, covering segments like Middle East, Europe, Vietnam, Latin America.


After Stepping in to the new Millennium, there was no STOP for Veekayem, and they kept growing with time and with good pace, By now they had increased their weaving capacity up to 6 Lac Meters per month, which was another benchmark achieved, and the numbers kept moving up, allowing the company to Outsource, the same and expand its reach with SME’s